ETS Costs to Operate

Operating costs are estimated using the following assumptions:

  • Units charge for an average of 4.5 hours per day
  • Average monthly billing cycle equals 30 days
  • House meets Act 222 insulation standards
  • Rate for energy used by ETS units is $.062/kWh (assumed - please call office for current rates.)
  • Units charge only during off-peak hours

Average Monthly Costs Per Unit Size

  • 2 KW ETS unit

    2 KW x 4.5 hr x 30 days = 270 kwh/month
    270 kwh/month x $.062/kwh = $16.74/month

Electric Thermal Storage Program

Electric thermal storage is a type of electric space heating system that uses lower-cost off-peak electricity to heat ceramic bricks in an insulated cabinet. The units release their heat continuously. Tri-County does not sell or install ETS units, however, a list of` local vendors is provided in the 'Learn More' section.