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2014 Annual Meeting

There are a couple of very noteworthy changes for the 2014 Annual Meeting.  The meeting date is Saturday, September 13th and the location is Tioga County Fairgrounds.  For decades  the meeting has been held in July and weather wise, it always seemed to be the nicest day of year.  The September date will be welcomed by members who would normally spend the July date on vacation, putting in crops or just staying home on a beautiful Saturday.  Tioga County Fairgrounds is the dead center of  Tri-County's service territory making it more accessible by all Tri-County members.  The buildings are set up well for our meeting, there is adequate parking and being on Wellsboro Electric lines, we can setup our hot line trailer for the electrical display.  Other details are in the works but these are the two major changes we wanted to tell you about.  We hope to see you at the 2014 Annual Meeting!


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